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At Freman College we are very proud of the excellent quality of education we offer to all our students.  We are equally proud of the college’s supportive, friendly environment which helps students to feel happy and valued.  We know that only when a student feels secure and appreciated as an individual, will they achieve to the very best of their ability.
As we are an upper school our teachers are expert in teaching their subjects to the very highest academic level.  They are ambitious for their students and go the extra mile, often helping them to exceed their own expectations of themselves.

We are committed to providing students with a real breadth of experience.  Our large year groups enable us to offer a wide range of courses, ensuring a good match for the interests and abilities of all our students.
However, while we believe that achieving the best possible exam results is essential, we also hold that education is a much wider endeavour.  The opportunities we offer in sport, drama, music, overseas travel, enterprise and leadership are exceptional.
It is this rounded approach to education which we believe gives our students the confidence and the advantages they need in an increasingly competitive world when they leave us.

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